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How We Are Different

A Message from Michael Turch
When we built the Woodbridge Cremation Center we did it with the "witness cremation" in mind. We wanted to create an upscale, warm, clean environment for that to take place. Most crematories are in the basement or garage of funeral homes, or in a warehouse. If they offer a witness opportunity, it is typically through a glass window in an environment that doesn’t offer much comfort.

After helping hundreds of families, we had come to believe that cremation needs to be a valuable experience, not just a disposition. When we go with a family to the cemetery, and the family stays to watch the casket lowered, the sense of closure it gives is very final. A family leaves having literally just buried the dead. So much research and life experience says this finality helps with the grief process and healing.

For many families wanting cremation, they still need a facility where family and friends can come together and move through the mental and emotional journey that helps with the grief process and healing. Some people want or need to be in the same room when their loved one is cremated, or even to help commit the cremation container into the cremation chamber. Others just want to be close by in the building as the process happens. And some simply want an informal but quality space that doesn’t feel like a funeral home, where they can spend some final time with their loved one before saying good bye.

This is why we built the Woodbridge Cremation Center. Whether for small or large groups, everyone can be present or nearby in the way that is right for them. 

Everyone is different, and we respect that deeply. But for those who want to experience more than a removal team that picks up their loved one and drops off the ashes a few days later, the Woodbridge Cremation Center offers a special opportunity and facility that is unique. You can even take your loved one’s ashes home with you when you leave. And that, we believe, brings a much stronger peace of mind and stepping stone forward. For many families wanting cremation, this is a wonderful new option in our community.
Multi-purpose sitting room with sliding nano wall leading into the commital room
Food and refreshment preparation area adjacent to sitting room
Coffee lounge area around the corner from the sitting room and commital room. 
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