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Our Cremation Prices

Helping you care for your loved one is an honor and responsibility that we at Woodbridge Cremation Center have dedicated our lives to. That is why we don't just own our own crematory. We have a completely different kind of cremation facility. And that is why our cremation packages give you truely unique options and value for the cost.
Many people appreciate and find closure in being able to commit their loved one to the cremation, or be present for that moment, or just be nearby as the cremation occurs. So all of our cremation packages include these options and much more.

All our cremation packages include:

Basic services of a licensed funeral director and support staff
Local transfer of deceased from up to 30-miles away to Woodbridge Cremation Center
Preparation of deceased
Administrative Auto
Virginia Medical Examiner Fee
Classes for easy editing
Crematory Fee


Includes the above requisites plus:
Up to 30 minutes of private ID viewing.
During the 30 minutes you may witness or participate in committing your loved one into the retort, or be on the other side of the nano wall when the cremation begins.
Remains (ashes) available for pickup at end of day or the next day.
Alternative Cremation Container (minimum required by law)
Cremated remains returned in a minimal container


Includes everything in Basic package plus:
Up to a full day’s use of the Cremation Center so you can have the time you want and need with your loved one before the cremation begins
Up to 40 family and friends may be present
Invite clergy or religious leaders if desired for facilitating prayers, a service or a family "share"
Use of chairs or kitchen area if desired
Standard cremation container with pillow, liner and top
Obituary written by our staff and posted on Woodbridge Cremation Center's website
Your choice of an urn 
Choice of 50 Prayer cards or Trifolds


Includes everything in the Woodbridge Cremation Experience plus:
Staff and your choice of facilities for a Life Celebration Event – meaning you may use any of our next door funeral home facilities for part of your event’s activities
Enhanced Urn Selection
DVD Tribute Video
Premium Register Book
Custom Prayer Cards and Trifolds
Custom Acknowledgment cards
Please Note:
*All of the above packages are based on a cash/check price through Mountcastle Turch Funeral Home.

**Local transfer of deceased is for 30-mile radius and is based on one staff member performing the removal of the deceased from a hospital. For home removals or places where a second staff person is needed, add $100.00.

***Identification of deceased and all services are based on Monday through Friday from 9-4pm. Evening and weekend hours available for additional fee. Cremation must start no later than 1:00 due to local ordinances.

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